Dieter J. Angerer

Founder & Managing Principal

The high-tech industry is becoming fully connected and digitalized, while sector traditions and disciplinary boundaries get increasingly blurred. Having led and advised many companies undergoing major changes, crises and transformations, I founded now VICOFRED to systematically address these business challenges by offering  interim and transitional management solutions for companies in disruptive situations througout Europe. I love to ‘jump into cold water’ and deliver quick and sustainable results. Actually, I like it most when it’s getting ‘rough and tough’.

Being education-wise both mathematician and economist with a long-lasting theoretical focus on systems theories, modelling and simulation, it’s been always in the center of my interest to deal with dynamic complexity, co-evolution and interdisciplinarity. During my 20 years of expert and management roles alongside incredible changes and disruptions in leading high-tech industries, I have gained numerous practical proofs  that clearly call for a more complexity-centered perspective in business management. I am convinced: The ‘non-linear’ causalities among increasingly connected technological, cultural, economical and societal issues can never be efficiently manageable by simplicistic-reductionist approaches and their typical  disciplinary restrictions. Rather, they require a explicit complexity approach. And I mean ‘complex’, not ‘complicated’ – it’s a major difference!

Bundling all my practical experience and letting it co-evolve with my passion to learn, theorize, reflect and improve, I have just one overarching objective to reach with and for my clients:
To unveil the power of complexity!

Dieter’s profile


 High-tech Industry Leadership

  • 15 years leaderhip roles in Europe, ranging from business unit director, regional manager and ultimately as overall Group CEO with full strategy, P/L and HR responsibility.
  • Appointments as managing director and board member in 10 different country legislations for subsidiaries of both global  corporates and family-owned holding companies.
  • Country, region and global responsibilities for sales, production and R&D in the domains of  telecommunication networks, forest machines, agricultural attachments and large construction machines.
  • Lived and worked in Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark and Austria.

 Business & Performance Development

  • Start-up of new technology and business sectors in the telecom and machinery domain
  • Management of large „reference-case“ projects
  • Regional business development responsibility for more than 24 countries
  • Regional responsible for strategy, market and competitor research
  • Expert for public policy and public funding within industry-stimulation programmes
  • Creation and management of cross-country research & development partnerships

 Transformation & Disruptive Change

  • Carve-out and transfer of corporate business units of a global telecom corporate
  • Target identification, due diligence and negotiation of acquisitions in special vehicle industry sector
  • Post-merger integration and organizational change in large corporate and SMEs
  • Development of an integrated governance, organization and reporting model between European subsidiaries and Russian shareholding company

Crisis Intervention & Restructuring

  • Sustainable restructuring of companies in distressed and pre-insolvency stage
  • Turn-around of large telecom infrastructure projects across Europe
  • Turn-around of ruined key-account relations
  • Critical-level working-capital management
  • Renegotiation of critical credit facilities with bank syndicates
  • Execution of restructuring plans, optimize asset sale, insolvency procedure management
  • Degree („Dipl.-Ing.“) in Technical Mathematics (Specialization: Computer Science, Modelling, Simulation) from Vienna University of Technology
  • Degree („Mag. rer. soc. oec.“) in Business Administration (Specialization: Operations Research, Public Management, Complex Stakeholder Processes) from Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Several trainings in the fields of leadership, change management, sales management, funding and finance, media communications
  • Business fluent in English and German, conversation-capable in Romanian and Italian, comprehendible in Danish and French
Public Exposure (Selection)


  • Angerer, D., (2011). Modelling Complex Stakeholder Processes in Technology-Intensive Policy Systems, Vienna University of Economics & Business
  • Angerer, D./ Hammerschmid, G., (2005). Public-private Partnership between Euphoria and Disillusionment, Romanian Journal of Political Science, vol. 5 issue 1
  • Hammerschmid, G./ Angerer, D., (2004). The Collapse of a Leading Public Private Partnership Project in Austria, Paper presented at 20th EGOS Colloquium: The organization as a set of dynamic relationships, Ljubljana, July 1-3, 2004

 Moderations & Speeches

  • “Doing business with a Russian partner” – Speech delivered at Danish-Russian Business Forum, Embassy of Russian Federation, Copenhagen, Denmark, 14th April 2016
  • “Cyber-security as critical stability factor” – Work-group lead at Forum Alpbach, Technology talks, Alpbach, Austria, 24th August 2012
  • “A total wireless vision of IP” – Keynote speech delivered at Romanian Mobile Communication Award Ceremony, Bucharest, Romania, 15th December 2005
… and a little bit more about me privately

I am a passionate cook, enjoy travelling to the very hidden spaces in Europe with my family, and try constantly to be an active political citizen …  all this and more in order to assure a prosperous, liberal and exciting future for my two little sons Viktor and Frederik – the evident ‘brand essence’ of VICOFRED.

unveil the power of complexity

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